Tuesday, January 21, 2020
Join us each Sunday at 10:0 a.m. for “Rock Solid” Sunday School!  Our curriculum is full of stories, activities, games, and music developed around building a heart of faith and a “rock solid” foundation. 
Teachers:  Rick and Gaye Fetterolf, 
Ages: 3-5 (must be toilet trained)
Location: McDonough Hall, Room 311
Early Elementary
Teachers:  Bill and Jamie Voigtman,
Ages: Kindergarten, 1st Grade
Location: McDonough Hall, Room 310
Middle Elementary
Teachers:  Glenda Delano
Ages: 2nd through 5th Grades 
Location: McDonough Hall, Room 312
Junior High  
Teachers: Margaret Underhill 
Ages: 6th - 8th Grade
Location: Cravens Hall, Room 204
High School  
Teachers: Jan Boothman
Ages: 9th - 12th Grade
Location: Cravens Hall, Room 205
Cornerstone Class
Teacher: Karen Williams
Class Type: General Discussion
Location: Methodist Center
Class Description: A group of adults of mixed ages that uses the Adult Bible Study Series
Victery Class
Teachers: Lea Gardner,  Joyce Wallace,
Jackie Read,  Mickey Stanton, Sherry Woodard
Contact Person: Helen Ratliff, president
Phone Number: 385-6346
Class Type: Discussion Group
Location: Ella McKee Chapel, Sanctuary Building
Class Description: We are a group of ladies 50 years of age and up, who are seeking God's will for our lives and growing in our relationship  with God.  We are blessed with 4 qualified and dedicated teachers who give lecture-type lessons from the International Bible Series and various spiritual books. Our class gives financial support to the Christian Care Center, Operation Graduation, special projects, and supplies for school children.  We are a warm and caring group and new members are always welcome.
Men's Class
Teachers: Ed Cain, Tom Nelson
Contact Person: Charlie Woodard
Phone Number: 385-5604 or 658-8940
Class Type: Bible Lesson with Fellowship
Location: Cravens Hall, Room 200
Class Description: "Men of the Ages" using the Adult Bible Study
Unity Class
Teacher: Rev. Nancy Ratchford
Phone Number: 385-5568 ext. 16
Class Type: Bible lesson with discussion
Location: McDonough Hall, Room 313
Class Description: A small group of adults using the Adult Bible Study
as a basis for discussion.
Young Adult Class
Teachers: David Cobble
Phone Number: 385-5568
Class Type: Discussion Group
Location: McDonough Hall, Room 314
Class Description: Young adults, single and married using
adult Bible study materials